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Writing for my thesis

This blog is about writing and arguing while doing my PhD thesis. Being half way through in my research, it is a good time to step back and consider the context of my writing before moving to final stage of writing the whole thesis. In the last years of my doctoral study, I have not stopped reading, making notes, seeking to learn critically from my supervisors, asking questions ‘about my disposition to writing and its effects, about the ways I structure language and the action it supports’ (Thomson & Kamler 2016:2). I have read that writing ‘is a complex social act, requiring multiply evaluative criteria to be met, and entailing the deeply personal and thus potentially emotionally challenging construction of identity and negotiation of deeply meaningful values’ (Carter et. al. 2012: 30). I write this blog to identify these values and explore my own reflexivity, and where it stands in writing for my thesis.

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