Risk and Utopia in the Youth Work of Museums

I am excited about attending the 11th International Conference on the Inclusive Museum which takes place at the University of Granada in Spain between 6–8 September 2018. The International Conference on the Inclusive Museum is a place where museum practitioners, researchers, thinkers and teachers can engage in discussion on the historic character and future shape of the museum. Several dynamics emerge in our contemporary context, each of which may portend a more inclusive museum. This event brings together some of the world’s leading thinkers and practitioners in the field of museums studies, and the key question of the conference is: How can the museum institution become more inclusive?

I feel that my involvement in the conference sessions, presentations and general discussions will add great value to this challenging and inspiring forum. The theme of this annual conference is ‘Inclusion as Shared Vision: Museums and Sharing Heritage’.  The special focus of this year’s conference on inclusion and museums provides me with an important chance to present my paper “Risk And Utopia in The Youth Work of Museums” and share my academic work with other professionals and scholars who have similar academic and professional interests. The conference happens at a time that I am in a good position to share new knowledge and contribute to the conversations of this conference. Having completed the collection of data for my qualitative research in public museums in England, I now feel ready and confident to disseminate my PhD findings, and to make space for reflections on the ‘subordinated youth subject’, whose stories and voices have been for long ignored ‘within, between and beyond the confines of contemporary museum spaces’ (Golding, 2009).

Additionally, I see this conference as an important step to represent the research centers of my department and the university as well as to build relationships with other participants of a research community that has relevance not only to the subject of my research but also to my academic and professional development as an emerging scholar in the intersection of museum with educational studies. You can find regularly updated information about the conference on their website.

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