Receiving an award means hard but stimulating work

It is an honour to receive an award as a PhD candidate and be one of the four UK-based emerging scholar recipients in the 11th International Conference on the Inclusive Museum. I have already had an accepted conference proposal to present a paper in a themed session at the conference.

The purpose of the Award is to recognize outstanding scholarship on how museums can become more inclusive and promote the professional development of Emerging Scholars through their active engagement in this year’s annual conference. A list of all recipients can be accessed here. For me, receiving an award of a global research network is an acknowledgement of the hard work in collecting data and doing my fieldwork in the last three years exploring the issues of inclusion in the interconnections of UK museums with young people from socially disadvantaged backgrounds. In response to this, we, awardees will perform duties as facilitators, moderators, chairpersons and contributors to the overall success of the conference.

This active participation is what I wanted when I decided to go for this award. As an activist, fellow at the RSA and advocator for social justice and inclusion in and through the museum, my active involvement during the conference means progression and development for my career. I am sure it will be challenging and tiring to be supporting an international conference. But the special focus on inclusion, museums and sharing heritage is the most stimulating and rewarding element of the experience I look forward to gaining in the three days of the conference.

Now I count the days to the 6th of September to travel to Granada and get inspired by other awardees, museum practitioners, researchers and scholars who will travel to the conference from all corners of the globe. Thanks to my supervisors at the Department of Educational Studies at Goldsmiths University of London (Professor Rosalyn George and Dr Esther Sayers) for their encouragement, and the warmest thanks to the organising committee for receiving the Emerging Scholar Award.


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